Accept yourself- ARE YOU WOLF OR SHEEP
Should we hunt or be hunted
We are asking you to find " the truth in you"
The most important thing to know is who you really are. If you accept that, you will always find some beautiful part of youself.

It is quite simply about how you feel inside, Natural, primitive, mysterious... What lies in between rational and perceptual senses. H’s product has covered both living aspects of bags and accessories, the basic element of liberation and restrain. The wild design has broken free from the human platform to let people feel the primitive thoughts of oneself, and to experience the explosive passion on top its practic.

In 1976 we found this sample in Missouri- We think it is time to let the people know
Should you still be inside? Isn't it time to let it out... be youself

come out, come out where-ever you are

Today the technology goes faster, but the human soul never changes

Curiosity Bag
don't be afraid to dream- be surprised, fear, doubt- Do what you believe! Trust the truth in you!!
Are you a wolf or sheep?!?!
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